Training Programmes

My training programmes are tailor made to the specific goals of my athletes, this is done in order to ensure maximum benefit and improvement from my athletes. I also know that life throws its curve balls and so when things change so does your program.

Below I have attached a few standardised programs for your benefit:
3hrs 30min Marathon
4hr Marathon
5hr Marathon
Bill Rowan Comrades
40min 10k/ 90min 21k
45min 10k / 1hr40 21k
50min 10k / 1hr50 21k
60min 10k / 2hr12 on 21k

**Disclaimer: These programmes are their to give you a general guideline towards your training and are in no way tailored to anyone specific. You are welcome to use these at your own risk but I take no responsibility of possible injuries that may be caused.