Graeme McCallum

Graeme McCallum

Age: 54
Weight: 65kg
Height : 1.89m
Where do you live?

Greymont, Johannesburg
What do you do?

Sports & remedial massage therapist
Main Sport: (now) road running
Other sporting interests: cycling (but don't ride at all anymore), trail running

About me:

Typical selfish athlete(just ask my wife). My family is my wife Noeleen and our two kids, Buddy and Chilli (those are normal names for dogs!), so I have a bit more time and freedom to train than most people with families. I am a member of Born2RunAC. My home Parkrun is Alberts farm. I used to run in Salomon shoes and am now using Puma.

Sporting achievements:

Back in the day: Springbok colours for road cycling 1988,
Won stages in various stage races including Rapport Toer,
Rode as a professional with TopSport VW Fox team

More recent: Trail running: 2015 SA Ultra and Long Distance Masters Champion, 3rd Overall SA Ultra champs 2015. Received National colours and competed in World Ultra trail champs 2015. 1st master and tie 7th Skyrun 2014, 1st master & 10th Ultra Trail Cape Town 2015
Comrades 2016 - 7:26

What do you love about your sport?

What I love about road running is that it is so precise and measurable, the time doesn't lie. You can't do a marathon in x time if you can't do a 10km in x time. You can't do Comrades in x time if you can't do a marathon in x time. But if you train properly you will and do go faster

Favourite Snack?

Dried fruit

Favourite Song?

Stairway to heaven- Led Zeppelin

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Puma 😉

If your life was a movie, which celebrity would you choose to play your character? 

Jim Carry

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