Are You Water Wise? Without a doubt, water is the most extraordinary substance! Some may even say it is the ‘Hub of Life,’ writes runner and registered dietitian, Melanie Sher.

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If we look at the composition of our bodies, water is the largest single component of the body. It compromises up to 60-70% of our total body weight. Every chemical, biochemical and metabolic reaction that takes place in the body requires water to be present. The body uses this water to help regulate its temperature […]

Countdown to Comrades

It’s the final countdown to Comrades – The big training weeks and long runs for Comrades are done and dusted, and many runners understandably feel that they now deserve a good rest before lining up at the start on June 9, while others are in panic mode, cramming in kays. CoachNeville explains how to get to the start of the Comrades feeling rested and ready.

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For the past 2 months, runners have juggled the demands of training with work and family commitments, with some falling asleep at their desk at work (when I was younger, doing big mileages of 180-200km/week, I would sometimes sneak off to the toilet during work so that I could nap … my apologies boss).  A […]