Coachneville’s Dullstroom high-altitude 50km training run: Great vibe and perfect weather

Coachneville’s annual high altitude 50km training run for his runners preparing for the Comrades went bigger and better this year, with 28 runners tackling the almost 1000m of vertical altitude gain on March 16.

22km of the route was on undulating dirt road and the remainder on quiet, hilly tar roads. The 7 mobile vehicles, each carrying 15 litres of water, ice, 10-litres of EnduraPower, Joobies and snacks such as banana bread, sandwiches, bananas and nuts, ensured our runners had great nutrition and hydration.

On Friday evening our runners collected their goody bags at the venue, Elandskloof Trout Farm, each worth more than R500, thanks to generous sponsorships from Trappers, Nativa, eMatla Solutions, TRAIL magazine and Pace & Power. Ladies received an additional hamper of beauty products from Kiki Beauty.

By 5am on Saturday morning our seconding teams were loading up drinks, followed by a runner briefing by Coachneville before the 6am start. The run was a great opportunity for runners to try the EnduraPower drinks and Joobies, kindly sponsored by Pace & Power. The chilled Berry was the hit of the day, with all the runners raving about the flavour. 28 runners, 50km with almost 1000m of vertical altitude gain … and no bonking and no cramps says it all.

Runners were welcomed at the finish with soup, bread rolls and EnduraPower drinks, and relaxed in the shade at the trout dam. They then formed a welcoming line to cheer in the last two runners.

The evening get-together and braai was a chance to chat and relax. Joan van Wyngaard from Nativa (pictured left below), not only did the 50km run as training for the 56km Two Oceans, but as a sponsor, gave an enlightening talk on the products.

This was followed by a fund-raising raffle for a charity organisation WAR (Women Against Rape) With generous prizes from Sweat Shop Southdown mall, Trappers, Nativa and Pace & Power, our runners and family contributed R8000 for this worthy charity.

This annual event hosted by Coachneville for his runners was a great way to do a tough training run, while combining it with a family weekend away on a trout farm, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

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  1. Hi there Trott, it’s good to hear from you. The run is just for the runners I coach as I don’t charge them for it and it costs me a fair amount to host it each year. All the best with your training!

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