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Coach Neville has taken me from being fat and injured to a fit ultra runner in the leading half of most races. I was an avid sportsman in school, doing athletics, cross country running, playing rugby and did adventure racing. This kept me healthy and fit, but at university I got lazy and gained 24kg. In 2016 I topped the scale at 98kg and I refused to get to 100kg. I started running and within three weeks I developed Achilles tendonitis from over training. I then joined Coach Neville’s team and he adapted my training plan and had me ready to complete the Fish River Ultra 65km in 6 months. I progressed and developed as a runner, now having run more marathon distance training runs then I would have ever imagined and have completed two Fish River Ultras, and the UTCT 65km.  I am currently getting ready for the  UTCT 100km. With his training plans and running I managed to drop 19kg and currently weigh just 5kg more than when I was in matric, 14 years years ago.

Pieter du Plessis

I enlisted coach Neville’s help in 2017, when I started to get injuries in preparation for my first 2 oceans and comrades marathons. I thought I would ‘unsubscribe’ after comrades… But I got hooked… both on running and on Neville’s coaching. His coaching has allowed me to make my way through my ever growing bucket list of goals and races, while juggling a very full time job. I wouldn’t have been able to reach these goals without his expertise, allowing me to get maximum returns (and even the odd podium) in both road and trail running for the amount of time I have available for running. Also, it’s really nice to have such an encouraging coach who congratulates you for every little run, however small and unimportant.

Donna Greyling

I have been coached by Neville for about three and a half years. Before I started with him, the first nearly 3 years of my running, I was constantly injured. By getting me to rest more and train properly, Neville completely stopped me from getting injured and I haven’t missed a days training due to injury! I have progressed as a runner from being a complete novice to being selected for the national team to compete in the World Ultra trail champs after running my best race ever at the SA Ultra trail champs and coming 3rd. Now that I’m concentrating on Comrades I am still amazed at Neville’s running wisdom, from individual sessions to overall yearly strategies and plans to make me a better runner. Thanks Coach Neville!

Graeme McCullum

I tend to question people and exert great pressure on myself, but I learnt a long time ago that Neville knows best and  I do what he says.  He is quick to respond to any queries or phone calls and listens to any suggestions and thoughts that I might have on my performances and programme.   He is always researching running and training which gives me the confidence that not only is he basing his advice on his own experiences (having been an accomplished runner himself), but has also studied other successful coaches and athlete performances. Some coaches tend to over train their runners, but I find Neville’s programmes to be easily doable with a busy lifestyle, yet still produce the results. I have never had an overtraining injury in the many years I have been running with Neville.

Judy Bird

About Me


I ran my first ultra in 1977 when I was 15 years old, the 48km Lowveld Marathon between Barberton and Nelspruit. Not very clever, but back then we didn't know better!

The 50km Om Die Dam in 2012 was my 252nd marathon and last long road race after having run 10 Comrades, and I now mainly do long trail races.

I've been coaching runners since 1999, and in 2015 four of my runners represented SA at world trail champs in France and Switzerland, and in 2016 one of my runners represented SA at the World Skymarathon Champs.

My PBs:
- 1000m (grass track): 2.31
- 5000m (grass track): 14.58
- 10km: 32.12
- 21km: 72.14
- 42km: 2.34
- 50km: 3.06
- Comrades: 6.38
- 100km: 7.31

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